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Pictures Gallery : observe the LuminoSPOT in action!

This portable and luminous STOP sign ensures a highly visible security area for every road user 
Thanks to its light-emitting diodes and its recognisable form, it calls attention to danger and makes the driver stop his/her vehicle. 
To respond at best to the needs of our customers, the LuminoSPOT is available in two different versions  : 

		The « Standard » version with two flashing STOP sides

		The « Roadworks » version with a flashing STOP side and a green side 

		The « Police Forces » Version with a flashing STOP side and a white side

The different fields of application : 
		By street crossing around schools  (securement of children), 
		On building sites  or work sites (to regulate the traffic),
		By the organisation of sport manifestations on the street,  
		     (Courses cycliste, courses de rollers, marathons,…)
		By stop-and-search operations,
		By car accidents (to secure an area), 
		For the management of car parks (amusement parks, touristic places,…),
The LuminoSPOT - One idea, many solutions

Light, easy to handle, rechargeable and useable in many situations